Facilitating Change After a Merger & Acquisition

CASE STUDY: Facilitating Change After a Merger & Acquisition
After having earned your degree, you have been hired as the “Change Agent” to facilitate a merger and acquisition transition.
An international insurance company acquired another insurance company in one of its many business deals. In order to merge the newly acquired entity into its operations, the company decided to change the operating structure and merge the new products and services into its existing offerings.
This meant that people in the acquired company were at a high risk of job loss and the people adopting the new products into their departments had to restructure to accommodate and support the products.
While many people did quit, others were terminated. Many of those remaining are unwilling to share the knowledge they have with the people taking over the products and do not want to give up or lose their identity as the acquired company.
Your assignment: Prepare a change management plan using either the ADKAR, Kotter 8-Step Model, or other change model that you believe is appropriate for this transition. Your management plan should follow proper APA format and be 750 words or more.

Be specific, creative, and innovative in your solutioning. Remember no idea is too crazy and fringing is okay.

Aritstotle’s Nicomachean Ethics and Politics,

Now that you have read and discussed the ideas and topics in Aritstotle’s Nicomachean Ethics and Politics, You are to write a one-page paper explaining the difference between the good man and the good citizen, and which takes priority in constitution.

Same format as the other paper. All one-page papers have the same format. Remember: you are NOT to critique Aristotle. You are only to explain his argument for his concepts of the good man and the good citizen. Also, do NOT give me a summary. There is to be NO copying quotes from the text. You must explain his position on these concepts in your own way of thinking.

identify a social problem that is common among the organization

This assignment is intended to help students demonstrate the behavioral components of this competency in their field education.

To prepare: Working with your field instructor, identify a social problem that is common among the organization (or its clients) and research current policies at that state and federal levels that impact the social problem. Then, from a position of advocacy, identify methods to address the social problem (i.e., how you, as a social worker, and the agency advocate to change the problem). You are expected to specifically address how both you and the agency can effectively engage policy makers to make them aware of the social problem and the impact that the policies have on the agency and clients.

The Assignment (2-3 pages):

• Identify the social problem

Substance abuse / drug addiction

• Explain rational for selecting social problem

Talk about the increase in Drug addiction as well as overdose

• Describe state and federal policies that impact the social problem

State of Ohio

• Identify specific methods to address the social problems

• Explain how the agency and student can advocate to change

Please use resources below






Digestive system

Do some internet research or ask a nutritionist about special diets for digestive system disorders.
Review therapeutic diet menus to develop an understanding of food contents and what foods are allowed on each special diet. Discuss these dietary options in 250+ words.
Your discussion post should be 250+ words
Always include reference material in your discussion

Superior Goal Statement Paper

I need someone to write a goal statement for me to submit to get into graduate school. It has to be for the graduate program of sports administration. About me I have played sports all my life and even throughout college. I previously majored in communications and journalism and then later changed to liberal Arts. I want to become a sports analyst in the near future. I am very dedicated, smart, and eager for success. I just need someone to create this goal statement that is very superior

how leaders can engage in a strategic planning process with stakeholders

In this assignment, you consider how leaders can engage in a strategic planning process with stakeholders to develop a plan to guide the organization’s evolution and development for the long-term. Since strategic planning should engage persons who will be affected by an organization’s decisions (e.g., staff, administration, board members, members of the community), it is important to include key stakeholders in the planning process so that it reflects their perspectives and interests.

For this Assignment, think about how you would begin the strategic planning process for a human services organization. Consider the human services organizations for which you have worked either in your fieldwork or as an employee. Based on what you know about a particular organization, what steps might you take to establish a plan for the organization’s long-term development?

Assignment (2–4 pages in APA format): Describe the first three steps you would take to begin the strategic planning process for a human services organization. Be sure to include the key stakeholders—who should be involved in each step and why they need to be included in the process. In addition, include steps you would take to establish stakeholder support and confidence.

Note: Although you will base your strategic plan on what you know about an actual organization, do not include any identifying information about the organization or its stakeholders.

Penicillin And Beta Hemolytic Strep

Describe the disease and also complications symptoms of disease beta hemolytic strep. How it can be treat with medication of penicillin or other way can be treat.“

Selegiline And Parkinson’s Disease.

Describe the disease and also complications symptoms of the disease of Parkinson’s Disease. How it can be treat with medication of  Selegiline or other way can be treat.”

Do The Analysis Of Carvedilol And Hypertension.

Describe the disease and also complications symptoms of the disease of hypertension. How it can be treated with the medication of Carvedilol or another way can be treated.”

p.s I only need 300 words and need two or three citations, which the citations have to be not more than five years published. Thank you

Osteoporosis in Female Population

Self-Care Management in Sickle Cell Grown-Up Patients

Risk factors for Osteoporosis in Female Population
Schizophrenia Symptoms, Treatment, and Diagnostics

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