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Topic 3 DQ 2

Why is it important to evaluate sources for credibility, reliability, and bias? What are possible consequences for not evaluating sources for these items?

The DQ response must be 200 words and have at least one citation and one reference in APA format

Topic 3 DQ 3

Why is Turnitin a valuable tool for students?

The DQ response must be 200 words and have at least one citation and one reference in APA format.

PSY 360 Week 4 Assignment Memory Worksheet

Week 4 Individual Assignment: Memory Worksheet


Resources : Memory Worksheet



Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Memory Worksheet located on the Week Four student Web site.


                                                                 Memory Worksheet  


Using the text, Cognitive Psychology 5 edition (Galotti, 2014), the University Library, the Internet, and/or other resources, answer the following questions.  Your response to each question should be at least 150 words in length.


1.      What is primary memory?  What are the characteristics of primary memory?


2.      What is the process of memory from perception to retrieval?  What happens when the process is compromised?


3.      Is it possible for memory retrieval to be unreliable?  Why or why not?  What factors may affect the reliability of one’s memory?



Personifications (Wk-4-DQ-2) (8-29-18)


Personifications are among the earliest and most important interpersonal dynamisms. What are the differences between the two classes of personifications? What are the similarities between Sullivan’s personifying process and Freud’s concept of transference? How do personifications change our image of people?

Post should be at least 300 words. 

Prof James Only

Intelligence Testing Article Analysis
no new messages Objectives:    InstructionsAssignment FilesGrading  Use the Electronic Reserve Readings, the University Library, or other resources to locate at least three articles concerning intelligence testing. 

Create a brochure for a local elementary school. Consider your audience, as this information would likely be distributed during meetings where a child might have received an intelligence test. Your brochure would be given to parents, guardians, and others to help them better understand the purpose of intelligence testing.

Include the following in your brochure: Provide a brief overview of at least two theories of intelligence related to the content of your selected articles to help your audience understand what intelligence testing accomplishes.Discuss methods of measuring intellectual functioning.Discuss how the concept of intelligence is different from academic achievement. 

Include three credible, peer-reviewed references.

Format the citations in your brochure consistent with APA guidelines.


For this task, you will prepare a mock interview. Assume you were  asked to interview a researcher about the merits and weaknesses of  quasi-experimental designs. These designs include (a) single group  post-test only designs, (b) single group pretest/posttest design, (c)  single-group time-series design, (d) nonequivalent control group  posttest-only design, (e) nonequivalent control group pretest/posttest  design and (f) multiple-group time-series design.

Your interview should be conversational in nature and critically  discuss the following questions regarding each of the major  Quasi-Experimental Designs: What are the merits of each of the specific designs?

When should you use each of the specific designs?

What is the statistical analysis that is used for each of the specific designs?

What are the limitations of each of the specific designs?

What is one research question for each of the specific designs (using a topic area that you are interested in)?

For your mock interview, utlize all of this week’s required readings to illustrate points throughout your interview.

Length: 5-7 pages (Not including title and reference pages)

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas  and concepts by providing new thoughts and  insights relating directly to the topic. Your response should reflect  scholarly writing and current APA standards.

Sigmund Freud

5 pages research paper on Sigmund Freud life and theories 

prof avril

Do the worksheet that is attached it is relating to the news story you pick 

Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding, 4th edition, Writing Research Reports 3 pages

Writing Research Reports: Each report (worth 1 unit of research credit) will be based on a scientific

article in a psychology journal that is pre-approved by the instructor unless the article is one cited in our textbook. Each paper should be no more than 2-3 pages in length and will be judged on the basis of clarity, spelling, grammar, and content. You are to summarize and critically evaluate the article by:


– Identifying the purpose of the study (why did the authors conduct this study)

– Stating the hypotheses in the study

– Summarizing in sufficient detail the method used (procedure, materials, and participants)

– Reporting the results from the study and the general conclusions


Empirical articles must be obtained through Google Scholar or PsycINFO. To locate PsycINFO, go to:


Then, click the following links:

Research Databases

Listed by name, P-Q

Scroll down to PsycINFO 1967- (present)

You can then search by author name and/or title.


Reflecting on the research that you did for your Annotated Bibliography last week, think of an area in the research that seems to be lacking or in which there is a controversy.   You will do this by first coming up with an appropriate applied social psychology research question. Watch the
Developing a Research Question  (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site.  video, which explains how to formulate a research question and provides examples of research questions. Then, you will create a short presentation (either a

screencast or PowerPoint recording) in which you will propose your idea for a study or an experiment to try and answer your research question.

Your research proposal presentation must include the following:

 Your clearly stated research questionYour hypothesisAn explanation as to why this topic of research is important/necessaryScientific support for your hypothesis (drawn from annotated bibliography)An explanation of the research design (experimental or non-experimental)A description of the procedure that explainsHow many participants you will needWhat participants will do to complete the studyWhat results you expect to find

Guided Response: Review several of your colleagues’ posts and respond to at least two o

Treatment of Schizophrenia and Depression


aking on the role of the expert in the treatment of schizophrenia or depression, you will prepare a presentation for a group of physicians who are seeking your opinion on the treatment of patients with these disorders. For this interactive assignment you will create and upload a 5- to10-slide PowerPoint presentation as well as a five-minute screencast of the presentation to share with your peers.

For this presentation, select either schizophrenia or depression as the basis for your presentation. Begin by creating your PowerPoint presentation. In the presentation, include information which explains the neurotransmitter theory behind the disorder and how the drugs used to treat the disorder affect those neurotransmitter systems.  Evaluate the risk and benefits of treating a patient with the most common type of medication and of not using drugs to treat the patient. In your evaluation, examine issues such as the rate of success with the most common drugs used as well as the incidence of side effects with these same drugs, including mortality associated with drug use. Then consider not using medications to treat the disorder. Take into account the natural course of the illness, the rate of spontaneous recovery, and the rate of mortality when untreated. You may also incorporate the use of other modes of treatment into your evaluation.

Your PowerPoint must include your presenter notes.