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4:1 Please read APA and refernce page


M4 discussion

Assignment 1: Forensic Assessment Report Writing

Evaluation report writing is an essential component of a psychology professional’s work with clients in the legal system. The results of evaluations have to be reported accurately to third parties and have to be written in a clear and plain language that reflects the information obtained from all relevant sources, including the evaluator’s subjective opinion, the collateral information, and the objective test data. Accurate reporting of information to courts is crucial since it will potentially have great influence on the outcomes of the relevant legal proceedings.

in about 350 words) and present a risk assessment to the parole board, considering the following: The influence of the Daubert Standard on the written report The concept of reasonable certainty in reporting objective and subjective data in the report The importance of basing results of the assessment on normative data The reporting of client’s response styles during the assessment Your preparedness to conduct a peer review of the written risk assessmen

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