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A cross-cultural look at men, women, and emotion; among African Americans and Caucasians culture through music and movie


Movie: “Save the Last Dance” Sara (Julia Stiles) and Derek (Sean Patrick Thomas) this movie depicts how cross culture relates to each other and how it brings out emotions.

The paper must incorporate at least three Scholarly, peer-review articles from scientific journals such as Oxford Research Encyclopedia


Write one 4-5 page double-spaced paper expanding on an aspect of the material covered in the readings as applied to popular culture. 

PAPER GUIDELINES: In this paper you will have an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of a particular aspect of the course material based on personal interest in the area. Papers will reflect an integration of scholarly research and analysis of popular culture. The idea is to understand how social psychological scenarios have been portrayed in the world with an eye to uncovering underlying issues, and then relating these to the research findings in the field so as to bring clarification to that aspect. Therefore, you are expected to draw sources both from the scholarly literature and from the popular culture, such as poetry, visual art, music, cinema, etc. Please include at least three scholarly sources and one popular source. Scholarly sources should be recent (within the last 5-10 years) unless an older source is pertinent for historical value. Cultural sources may stem from any time period in history.

Individual paper should present a scholarly consideration of the topic: following guidelines of scholarly writing, including the presentation of a significant thesis, a review of the research to back up your thesis, an analysis of the findings, and the drawing of appropriate conclusions. APA compliance and proper grammar/spelling are expected. Assessment will be based on the attached grading rubric.

Remember that your papers must have a base in psychological principles presented in the course material. You will need to connect your research with popular culture, as well.  

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