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ADHD In Children

Research Proposal

Duration is 16 hours

You are required to write on the topic on ADHD in Children based on the following outline. 500 words. Use APA referencing.  

Address the following questions based on the chosen topic:

What is the aim of your study?

What are the objectives for your study?

Explain the rationale for the study.

As you address the above questions, keep in mind the following considerations:

– Confine to a specific society context, say Asian or Western; Any differences in ratio between two genders; Problems; Methodologies to help them; etc. Need not be too lengthy. 

– Your Topic Statement or Question – Establish a statement or question for your topic, so that you will research along the line to keep in context, and are more aware on “how” & “what” you can do expansive research on.

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