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an influx of dance/movement classes being offered online for free.

During this time, I have seen an influx of dance/movement classes being offered online for free. Prominent companies, teachers and dance choreographers that usually charge $20.00-$40.00 per class are offering free sessions during this time of quarantine. I would like you to find a dance/movement class online to take (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) It can be ANY style you choose (boxing, tap, hip-hop, yoga, Pilates, break dancing, modern/contemporary). If you need help looking for a class, please let me know. I have seen billions the past couple of months.

Then you will write a 1-2 page paper documenting your experience. It needs to include the following information:

-What class did you take? Who offered it? What style is it? Please provide the link to video or link to FB page or Instagram page

-Overall impression of the instructor and class: Did you have fun? Did you learn anything? Was it challenging? Easy?

-How was it dancing in your space (home, yard, room, kitchen, etc.) compared to dancing in the studio?

-Compare and contrast taking an online class versus taking a class in a studio. Did you like one experience over the other? What were the pros and cons of both?