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Assignment: Final Paper Outline


For this Assignment, review the Final Paper requirements found in Week 10 before starting. As part of your Final Paper, you are to provide an outline of your paper detailing the points that you will cover. Be sure to include all major headings, topics, and references used in your Final Paper outline. Please submit your outline in the APA Course Paper Template. Assignment: Final Paper Due

The Final Paper is a synthesis of the elements of successful management and leadership covered in the weekly assignments. You are required to write an essay on the general topic of fraud and corruption in nonprofit organizations and/or nongovernmental organizations. You are encouraged to find your own specific focus based on your own work, experience, and interests in this area. The Final Paper should be double-spaced and between 7 and 10 pages in length, excluding title page and reference pages. You should incorporate a minimum of three scholarly references. The Final Paper is due this week and will be evaluated using the Final Paper Rubric located in the Course Information area. Please ensure you have reviewed the rubric and have included all the components in your pap

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