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Compliance in Healthcare Discussion-Rasmussen Collage

Need help with my Health & Medical question – I’m studying for my class.   So far we have concentrated our efforts on compliance program in large healthcare facilities (Hospital). Pick two other types of healthcare facilities (use any available references), and describe the facilities and how compliance programs differ from a hospital setting.

Week 2 Health & Disease Discussion-American Public University

Initial Post – Both parts must be covered in 275 words NB: send back in a word document Week 2-Health & Disease Chapter 2 covers the basics that we need to know in order to clearly communicate about the human body in health and disease. I find that one of the hardest parts for people to […]

Professional Networking Discussion-Rasmussen College

“Maintenance of the professional relationship with physicians in the network recently has assumed a far greater role in in the industry’s history.” – Peter R. Kongstvedt This quote assumes that professional relationships and networking somehow impacts healthcare services and provider relationships. Discuss your position on this assumption. Do you agree? Disagree? Explain your answers, based […]

Clinical Management ADHD Presentation-Purdue University

make a 20 slides powerpoint presentation (not counting title and references slides) + 1 page handout, based on the instructions below Develop a 20- to 30-minute presentation, using Microsoft® PowerPoint® on the clinical management of the pediatric condition of ADHD Include the following in your presentation: Analyze the etiology, pathophysiology, and general clinical manifestation of symptoms of […]

RC Interaction of Members of Groups Leadership Discussion

You will be required to write 200–250-word replies to at least 3 of your classmates’ threads. In your replies, expand on the discussion by analyzing and building upon the thread and incorporating at least 1 scholarly reference in each reply. Integration of Scripture is encouraged, but is not required. Assertions must be supported by in-text […]

The Pharmacokinetics and Drug Monitoring Steps Discussion

I’m studying for my Health & Medical class and need an explanation.   Pharmacokinetics & Drug Monitoring There are some drugs that require drug monitoring due to the effects of pharmacokinetics. Please name some of these medications and explain why it is important that they are monitored. Digoxin and Pheytoin.