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Importance of Vaccination Discussion-HED 201 Eastlake High School

Your assignment for Discussion 3 is to watch this Ted Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7602IU6NSM&feature=emb_title and then answer the following questions: 1. Has this video changed your opinion regarding vaccinations? 2. If you are opposed to vaccines, please tell us why, WITH REFERENCES.  If you are not opposed to vaccines, please tell us how you would convince someone […]

Ethics in Healthcare Discussion-Broward Community College

Two nurse researchers are interested in studying whether a pain assessment tool for critical care patients is valid and reliable when applied to a group of patients who cannot communicate verbally due to mechanical ventilation. They design a validation study in which randomly selected patients will be assessed using the tool after a painful procedure […]

Health and Fitness Video Discussion-Waldorf University

Watch this video (Links to an external site.), then return here for steps 2 and 3. Think about what you know about health and fitness. Have you ever resisted learning something new, thinking you already had the answer? Explain and state your personal example below. Explain how your view on confirmation bias has been impacted by […]

Group Therapy Discussion Post

Forsyth: chs. 8–9- Group dynamics Jacobs et al.: ch. 6- group counmseling strategies and skills Through this module/week’s course materials, you will learn about how to effectively lead a group session. Which of the different skills described and demonstrated by Jacobs et al. and Corey et al. do you feel would be the easiest and the hardest, respectively, […]

Healthcare Legislation Discussion-Rasmussen College

I need an explanation for this Health & Medical question to help me study.   Healthcare issues turn into law in many ways. Usually, a new debate in healthcare surfaces and then the controversy leads to the formation of a law. But how exactly does this happen? Sometimes a health issue is supported by a […]