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Final Paper Criteria & Topic Guide/Outline


· APA Format (to include title page, content, references; must be properly formatted)

· 5 pages of content (title page and references not included)

· Thesis statement in intro and conclusion

· 2 Correlating variables with 3 supporting factors

· Minimum of 5 references (text may be used but does not count as part of the 5)

· References must be empirical, scholarly, peer reviewed (access via Library Guides).

Topic Guide/Outline

To begin:

· Choose a topic of interest; there should be a balance of interest and challenge. Be sure you can manage the topic (avoid too complex, too broad, and too specialized topics; i.e., disorders, therapeutic approaches). Your topic should be developed within the context of Adjustment.

· Once you have a topic, you can as yourself questions to help you develop your hypothesis

· You will then turn your questions into solid claims and organize into a thesis statement

· You may then begin your research to find support/references for your thesis statement and claims (which you will make throughout the body of your work).

· Once you have gathered enough research you may begin to write J

Example of topic to thesis development:

1. Topic: Authenticity and Self-Image Development

2. Supports: increased self-esteem, enhanced life satisfaction, strengthened autonomy and self-efficacy

3. Thesis statement: Research has shown that Authenticity and self-image development co-vary significantly. Greater authenticity has been associated with positive factors of self-image such as (A) increased self-esteem, (B) enhanced life satisfaction, and (C) strengthened autonomy and self-efficacy.

The content of your paper should include:

Introduction – in your intro you will be letting the reader know what your paper will contain. This will include your thesis statement.

Research supporting A – this paragraph/section should focus on the first in the order of factors you stated in your thesis statement. Be sure to end this paragraph/section with a transition sentence.

Research supporting B – 2nd supporting factor; be sure to transition.

Research Supporting C – 3rd supporting factor; be sure to transition to conclusion.

Conclusion – You will restate your thesis statement and bring your paper to a smooth close

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