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This assignment requires a Comprehensive report and a PowerPoint. The case for this assignment is on Walter Reynolds.  Please read full instructions located IN the attachment to fully understand whats needed. 


Information on Walter Reynolds 

Case 4: Walter Reynolds 


Walter Reynolds is a 50-year-old married Caucasian male who was arrested on July 23 for Public Indecency. According to police reports, Walter spent the morning of July 23rd sitting on a bench near the local jogging path exposing his penis to female joggers passing by.  


Upon review of records, Walter was on probation at the time of the offense for a previous Public Indecency charge. He was arrested a year ago for exposing himself to a female co-worker at his former place of employment. Walter has a history of exposing himself to women, and was once caught masturbating in front of his dining room window in view of a female neighbor across the street. Due to Walter’s behaviors, his wife left him 8 months ago, and has limited contact with him now. One year ago, in an attempt to salvage the marriage, Walter and his wife tried counseling, at which time he was diagnosed with Exhibitionism.   



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