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COU 630 Southern New Hampshire University Psychology Assessment Report

submit the introduction, assessment review, and assessment administration sections of your career assessment report for instructor feedback. Refer to the Final Project I Guidelines and Rubric document to see how all of the elements of the Career Assessment Report fit together.


A. State the purpose of the assessment report.

What is the end goal of this assessment report?

B. Summarize your client. Your summary of the client should include the following when appropriate.




Social class

Sexual orientation

Indigenous background

National origin

Gender identity

Demographic information

Past/current occupation

Education status

C. Address what career counseling theory you used while working with your client. Super’s Theory  Theory Why was this theory most appropriate?

D. Address whether this is the same career counseling theory you personally identify with while participating in career counseling. I originally identified with Adlerian Theory.

Did the theory change while working with this particular client? Why or why not?

Assessment Review

A. Discuss why the assessments that were used (both personality and career assessments) were appropriate for this particular client.

B. Discuss any concerns you may have regarding validity and reliability of the assessments chosen.

Do you have any reason to believe that the results are not valid for this individual?

C. Discuss any multicultural implications that could impact the results of the career assessments.

While working with your client, are there any multicultural implications that need to be addressed?

Assessment Administration

A. Address any considerations that occurred when administering the assessments.

Concerns may include educational level of the client, time required to administer assessments, or interruptions or distractions.