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Creating and Co-facilitating a Group

Details of the Group:

*Empowerment group for young females who have been separated from their    parents due to deportation.


· Topic -Youth empowerment, empowering youth that has experience parents being deported and/or are in the process of deportation.

· Keywords: family deported, self-esteem, family dynamics, effect on education

· Meeting once a week

· Age range (12-18)

· 12 sessions

· Meeting located at a community center

· Open Group

· Have a social worker apart of the team

· Have flyers in the community 

· Reach out to a diverse group of guest speakers to help with the group

· Have resources for group members 

Outline Plan for Group Sessions (approximately 2-3 pages)

Conceptualize the development of the group over the life span of the group. In

particular, describe some of the basic details and intervention strategies from the first session to the end session of the group. For example, in your outline describe exercises or education materials you will use, and the general topics you plan to cover, if applicable. Consider how these intervention strategies you choose address culturally relevant needs of your group members.

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