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Discussion 2: Personal Challenges


This course has focused on the goal of changing the world through one person, one organization, and one community at a time. Through course readings, media, and learning activities, you have gained insights to this exciting field and challenging task of igniting change. For this Discussion, reflect on what you believe will be most challenging for you, as a human services professional aspiring to influence change. Consider strategies you might use to overcome these challenges and positively impact clients.

With these thoughts in mind: By Day 4

Post a brief description of what you believe will be most challenging for you, as a human services professional, based on the topics covered in this week’s media presentation. Explain two strategies you might use to address these potential challenges. Include specific examples of how you might implement these strategies.

Green, L. W. (2006). Public health asks of systems science: To advance our evidence-based practice, can you help us get more practice-based evidence? American Journal of Public Health, 96(3), 406–409.

Hubbard, R., Simpson, D. D., & Woody, G. (2009). Treatment research: Accomplishments and challenges. Journal of Drug Issues, 39(1), 153–165.

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