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Discussion Board Week 2

  Discussion: Professional iden  Discussion: Professional identity

Photovoice is a method used to visually  represent a concept or idea. When you use the method of photovoice to  explain a phenomena, idea, or circumstance, you think and communicate  more deeply through symbols and representation. In turn, your audience  may start to see what you describe in new ways.

Please  review the document titled “Examples of Photovoice” to get a sense of  how photos can be used to symbolize, represent or exemplify an abstract  concept. The photo that you upload can be a photograph that you take  yourself or an image you found from another source (Be sure to provide  an appropriate reference for any photo that is not your own). Any photo  that you upload must not be of a person or a group of people. Their  faces cannot be identifiable because this would violate their privacy.  Again, take a look of some of the examples in the document to get ideas.  

For this discussion, choose one of the NASW  Code of Ethics (2008) values listed below that influenced your decision  to become a social worker.   Service  Social justice  Dignity and worth of the person  Importance of human relationships  Integrity  Competence By Day 4

Post a photograph that  represents or symbolizes the value. Then, briefly explain why you chose  this photograph and describe how it represents your personal and  professional value.
*For detailed instructions on how to upload your photograph, see “Examples of Photovoice” in Resources.tity

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