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Driving and talking–


Driving and talking–Initial post due 6/1/19, response due 6/2/19

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There is a lot of research suggesting that talking on your cell phone(hands free included) while driving is equivalent to driving while drunk.  Find a credible resource and include here to support your argument for or against.  Be sure to answer these questions in your discussion:

1. What did you learn about the brain that supports your argument for or against driving and talking on your cell phone?

2. What else can impact your ability to drive while having a cell phone conversation?  How do emotions play into this scenario?

3. Did your resource change your opinion?

4. Post a link to your article (either the library database or something credible–no Wikipedia)

Respond to at least one other learner (try to find someone that has a different viewpoint).  Do you agree with your viewpoint?  If not, why?

Your initial post must be 350 words and your response must be at least 150 words.  Your post is due 6/1/19 and your response is due 6/2/19.

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