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Intergrative Nursing 3

Intergrative Nursing 3

Module 03 Content

Top of Form

Course Competency: Appraise integrative nutrition from a nursing perspective as a foundation of holistic practice.

Based on your experience with mindful eating either from the video lecture or your own previous experiences, create a PowerPoint describing how you could incorporate this intervention with patients. Include a title slide, a reference slide, and five to eight content slides with speaker notes. Your content slides should address the following:

    1. Define mindful eating and provide two examples of how mindful eating can be used in nursing practice.
    2. Describe a mindful eating intervention that could be used with patients.
    3. Identify at least one rationale for choosing this specific intervention.
    4. Integrate two resources that discuss and support mindful eating practice. Make sure to cite your sources.
    5. Discuss how the intervention will benefit patient health practices. Provide at least one benefit.
    6. Discuss at least one potential barrier to implementing this intervention.