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laws, regulations pertaining to the American government

Over the last 7 weeks, we have explored a lot of topics, laws, regulations pertaining to the American government. For your assignment this week, you will type a 1-2 page double space self-reflection essay. This assignment is not required to be in APA format. So you can use 1st person. I would like a title page but no reference page required. 

I would like you to reflect on everything you have learned in this course.  Feel free to answer these questions in your essay.

1- What new information, laws, regulation, government officials, etc you have learned.

2- Has your viewpoint changed about government?

3- Do you feel more informed as a citizen or a person living in the United States?

I suggest go back to your introduction post to see if you have learned what you wanted to learn in this course.

Looking forward to reading your reflection essay.