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I have to write a letter of intent for my master degree program , Needing help ASAP.

Letter of Intent (LOI) should:

  • Address the following:
    • Knowing that the Full Sail Business Intelligence Master’s Degree is a year-­‐long immersive program that will require a high amount of self-­‐motivation and professional work ethic, what do you think you can bring to the table to make it a valuable experience?
    • How does your grasp of technology and business processes enable you to be a candidate for this program?
    • What unique skills do you have that will add value to any team you work with?
    • How will earning this degree further your career?
    • Provide one specific example each of the student’s academic goals for the program and
  • Provide one specific example each of your academic goals for the program and career intentions that are aligned with the degree program’s objectives.
  • Be free of typographical and grammatical errors.