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Making the Retirement Choice Interviewing Retirees Paper-Oakton Community College

Interviewing a Retiree 

Making the Retirement Choice – Interviewing Retirees

Directions: A) Use the following interview questions below to interview one retired individual. Record their answers verbatim (means to put in exact quotes) and to ensure anonymity do not record their name. In addition, B) after completing the interview consider your informants response to question number 6 and write a paragraph answering the question “how might you better prepare yourself for future retirement?”

Participant Information: 

Current Age:


Age at Retirement:

Interview Questions:

1. What contributed to this person’s decision to retire at the time?

2. Is he/she satisfied with the decision? Why or why not?

3. Is he/she satisfied with the financial situation at this point in time? Why or why not?

4. Has he/she returned to the workforce? Is so, in what capacity, and why?

5. If he/she has not returned to the workforce, has he/she considered it? Why or why not?

6. What advice would he/she offer future retirees?