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In our first discussion forum this week, you will get to explore these principles through poetry. Each of the open sentence prompts in the “life poetry” assignment is related to at least one of the living systems principles and icons from the readings. Please use this as an opportunity to explore what comes up for you without needing to analyze these sentences for “right or wrong.” By following the prompts (and making them your own), you will automatically offer your own unique life poetry and expression of you AS a living system.

By Wednesday night, create your own life-poem by responding to the open sentence prompts (and you can modify as you wish). 

I am..

I am part of….

…. Is part of me…

I belong to….

The more…, the more…

The more…, the less….

I am connected to…. …. Is connected to me….

I draw inspiration, resources from….

I draw energy from….

I contribute to…

I am touched by…

I touch…

I in-fluence…

I flow with…

I flow in….

I let in…

I let go….

A growing edge for me is….

….. is unfolding for me….

I am becoming….

…. is becoming….

You are also welcome to add images. This is meant as an opportunity for you to creatively explore living systems awareness in your own life.

By Thursday, respond to your peers, offering your appreciation to their creations. 

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