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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Essay-Central Piedmont Community College

Papers: The paper shall be in your own words and not exceed three content pages and formatted in APA format. The cover page, abstract and reference pages will make your paper six pages in total. You will be graded on Format, Content, Organization of Response, Syntax and Semantics. Rubric for Papers: • On Time Submission (10%) Submission on or before due date. • Organization of work and Brevity (10%) Ensure paper is required number of pages, readable and points raise are precise and concise as outlined in introduction. • Content (60%) Show evidence of understanding of topic with respect to course content. • APA Format (20%) Make sure APA format is used and consistently so, with clear citation and accuracy of sources Assignment The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010, or healthcare reform has had a great impact on the lives of patients, healthcare providers and investors. With respect to the material provided in Chapter 1 of our text, briefly describe the main provisions of healthcare reform and its implications for the practice of healthcare finance. With respect to the material provided in Chapter 2 of our text, what are some features of the ACA that affect healthcare insurance and reimbursement?
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