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Personality Self Disorder Paper

Read the three chapters associated with your highest traits, You will then write about what traits you were lowest in and what traits you were highest in and how you felt about the description of each trait given in the book. Discuss whether or not you feel the assessment was accurate and if you learned anything about your personality, what factors you already new, anything that surprised you or felt inaccurate, how your personality may have changed since childhood and what factors may have led to that and what types of personality pathology your three highest traits relate to. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your personality based on what the chapters in this book. You will need to include a scanned picture of the assessment (each question circled and answered) the answer sheet and the charted traits. The paper itself (not including the other attachments) should be 3-4 pages not including a cover page or a reference page.

A List of Common (but not inclusive) Deductions that I make are listed below in order of their point value: Some grammar, spelling or flow errors: 2-3points Not adequately covering the material: 4-6 points Not writing about your topic or not following directions: 10-15 points Late submissions: 6 points immediately off plus an additional 2 per day (after 3) that it is late. So, one day late = 6point deduction, 5 days late = 10-point deduction.

Lowest Traits:

1. Mercurial

2. Devoted

3. Leisurely

Highest Traits:

1. Consientously

2. Dramatic

3. Idiosyncratic


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