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Plague Vaccine

Report on one medical countermeasure (drug or vaccine) in development and nearing approval.  Include the following in paragraph form, not as a response to each bullet.

What potential bioterror agent is covered by this countermeasure?
Briefly describe how the countermeasure works at the molecular level.
Where in development is the drug or vaccine?
What clinical trials have been performed?  Briefly summarize their findings.
What is the mix of government and private sector support given to this countermeasure?
What is the profile of the company producing the countermeasure?  Are they affiliated with a major pharmaceutical firm?
Compare and contrast your drug’s development with that of Tecovirimat in terms of governmental support (funding), method of approval, strategic stockpile, and type of business.
What, if anything, has been done and could be done to accelerate the process of drug development?