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Psychological Skills Training Current Event Application paper


Each student will select a current news article regarding an athlete or sports team or a case study from their own experience. They will be asked to create a hypothetical sport psychology intervention and provide justifications based on the context of the situation and additional resources (e.g., class materials, in-class activities).

Each student will submit a 4-5 pages typed (no more than 5 pages) of this hypothetical sport psychology intervention. (Reference page does not count) Format must follow the following guidelines: 1-inch margins, double space, 12-point Time New Romans, no cover page). 

If using a news article, a copy MUST be submitted with the assignment (this copy does not count towards the 4-5 pages of the assignment itself). Assignments turned in without a copy of the article will receive no points. 

If using a case study from your own experience, a one page (maximum) description of the case must be attached to the assignment. This one page does not count towards the 5 pages of the assignment itself.  

-APA format

-4-5 references

– No double space after paragraph

-No extra spaces after sentences.

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