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Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding, 4th edition, Writing Research Reports 3 pages

Writing Research Reports: Each report (worth 1 unit of research credit) will be based on a scientific

article in a psychology journal that is pre-approved by the instructor unless the article is one cited in our textbook. Each paper should be no more than 2-3 pages in length and will be judged on the basis of clarity, spelling, grammar, and content. You are to summarize and critically evaluate the article by:


– Identifying the purpose of the study (why did the authors conduct this study)

– Stating the hypotheses in the study

– Summarizing in sufficient detail the method used (procedure, materials, and participants)

– Reporting the results from the study and the general conclusions


Empirical articles must be obtained through Google Scholar or PsycINFO. To locate PsycINFO, go to:


Then, click the following links:

Research Databases

Listed by name, P-Q

Scroll down to PsycINFO 1967- (present)

You can then search by author name and/or title.

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