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psychology-self care plan discussion


1)  What sensations or feelings are your baseline for being calm, comfortable, at ease and unaffected by stress, distress or difficult material?  Where do you feel “good” in your body when you are feeling good?  Describe what feeling good and calm, focused and at ease feels like to you.  What actions could you take or intentions could you set BEFORE you sit down to this work, to prepare yourself to receive it.

2) What sensations or feelings will you be looking for, as indicators that you may be being affected by the material, triggered because of your personal experiences, or because of your empathy for the person about whom you are reading?  Where do you feel it in your body?  What changes occur?

3)  What actions can you take to calm, soothe or otherwise bring yourself back to your baseline state of calm and not in any distress?

4)  What positive self-talk can you engage in to support this calming process?