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Reflective Journal (Psychology) maximum 2000 words, strict APA format.


1.  Comment on the four topics below that was covered during the session. Each topic should be approximately 400 words.  

The four topics are: “Reinforcement”, “extinction”, “punishmen” and “shaping”


2. For each topic present a critical review/reflection, comparison of concepts or suggestions for further research. The choice of approach for each topic is up to you. 

3. Include a brief introduction. Issues you may like to include: are your topics linked? What is the rationale for your choice? 

4. Include a conclusion. Bring your ideas, reflections, critiques, together into a concise summary. 

5. You must use references to support your suggestions, reflections and critiques. 

Include a full reference list of all the sources cited using APA formatting .

Marking criteria:

Content (80%):


1. Answered the   Question 

Four topics have been adequately addressed.

Each topic(s) has been critiqued, compared, or critically   reviewed.  (30)


2.Evidence of Critical Evaluation 

Relevant sources are cited to support argument 

Demonstrates ability to critically   evaluate material  (30)


3. Introduction

Provides brief background /contextual   information and rationale for choice of topics.

Identifies the relevance and   importance of topic. Identifies your point of view/argument. (5)


4. Conclusion

Provides a summary of main points,   critiques and arguments. 

Briefly reviews major points presented. (5)


5. Depth of Reading: Quality of Reference List

References are appropriate and support points covered. 

References are primarily peer-reviewed  professional journals or other approved sources.  (10)


STYLE (20%)


1.   Coherence, Clarity of Expression and Overall Presentation

Ideas are arranged logically to  support your approach to each topic. 

Writing is free of or almost free  of grammatical and spelling errors. 

APA style including: TNR 12 font;   double spaced; ragged right margin; margins 2.54 cm; indent first line of   paragraph

A word document (.doc or .docx)   with conventional title page 

In-text references support ideas and follow accepted referencing conventions. 

Reference list includes all in-text references and is set out following the APA guidelines.  (20)


Total: 100

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