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Research in Application (Madam-Professor)

Assignment 2: Research in Application


What are the roles of descriptive research within quantitative research designs? Why is descriptive research important to industrial/organizational (I/O) professionals? With these questions in mind, read the following article from online library resources:

The Effectiveness of Sign Prompts to Increase Hand Washing Behaviors in Restrooms

Based on this article, answer the following:

Explain the use of descriptive research within the article’s study.

Which aspects of this study would fall under the category of descriptive?

An institutional review board (IRB) is an independent ethics review board designated by an institution to review all proposed research involving human subjects that will be affiliated with that institution. Without institutional review board (IRB) approval, research involving human subjects cannot be conducted. Answer the following:

Describe why the institutional review board (IRB) would object to the use of direct observation of hand washing in this particular study.

Explain how a work organization might make use of these findings in terms of managing human resources and developing employee-oriented policies.

Use the following headings to organize your report:

The role and importance of descriptive research in industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology

Article summary

Descriptive research

Institutional review board (IRB) and ethical issues

Human Resources (HR) implications from this study



Your report should be a Microsoft Word document, approximately 3–5 pages in length, utilizing a minimum of three scholarly sources. Make sure to employ proper grammar and spelling and apply current APA standards for writing style to your work.

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