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Research Paper for Social Psychology class. Asap! Follow the Instruction from the PDF form 10 down to 10 when done

 The book to use is Social Psychology Ninth Edition by  Elliot Aronson 2013,  you have to use only the book and the other information I sent from the upload. Important 5 pages, and no copying from some student paper off the internet sources they will see that when checking my paper. Please following the instruction I sent I will really need this Sunday around 5pm. please! I will pay once done. This is a Research Paper. APA 6th edition format. Please make sure the punctuation is done correctly and commas no fragmented sentences you can paraphrase just make sure you add the sources.  this is a tough grader teacher I have to make sure my paper is not from another student and plagiarized.  I have added the paper from sources I have to use any other scholarly sources that is related to social behavior and bystander effect.  Make sure you follow the instruction from the pfd form please. APA 6th edition with the abstract. 

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