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social psychology assignment needed by 10:00 PM CST

Written responses should be at least 1 full page, single-spaced, with care being taken to address all parts of questions.  Write your responses directly into this document, save, and submit via Blackboard by the deadline.

Read Chapter 6 (Material from Chapter 7 will also be used for this assignment)

In your paper, address these questions:

1. Take some time to look into websites for three hate groups. You may opt to visit any of the sites shown below or do a little internet sleuthing to locate others.

• Consider the ways in which the sites use similar or differing methods to present their ideologies.

• Beyond that, locate specific points of the website that fit into anything you have learned about regarding any of the social psychological theories or principles so far.

• Be sure to note exactly which sites you visited in your response.

• You have a lot of freedom with this assignment, given the varied sites that you can choose from and the nearly full text’s worth of social psychological ideas. (Westboro Topeka Baptist Church) (White Aryan Resistance – WAR) or (Anti Semitic sites) (Neo-Nazi – Creativity Movement, formerly World Church of the Creator (Nation of Islam) list of hate groups)

2. What is a stereotype? Why are they useful? How are they misleading?

3. How does stereotype threat work to reduce the achievement of targeted groups?

4. How does the FAE combine with group prejudice to produce the ultimate attribution error?

5. How does the hindsight bias support blaming the victim?

6. How does the topic of persuasion affect the persuadability of men and women?

7. How is racial prejudice more sophisticated or subtle today?

8. What is benevolent sexism and how does it different from hostile sexism?

9. How do the following causes of prejudice work? Competition, scapegoating, status maintenance, authoritarianism, conformity.

10. Why are educational campaigns unlikely to reduce prejudice?

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