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The role of technology in communication.

Each student will write a paper addressing the role of technology in communication. The general goal is to address the benefits and disadvantages of technology use during communication.

Each student should narrow it down more specifically to something of

interest to him. It can be regarded to a particular context, such as at work, church, home etc.

Another option is to focus on a particular form of technology used in communication, such as

cell phone, e-mail, skype etc.

Each student will cite 3 sources in their paper and have

these references on their reference page.

The sources need to be credible, such as books

or journals.

Internet web-site sources will not count as part of the required 3 sources.

Further s

ources not given credit are Wikipedia, our textbook, dictionary, interview of someone

not considered an expert. .

In addition, you are required to address at least 3 areas of

using technology to communicate covered either in notes or the book. There have been

several studies covered in class notes throughout the semester. Clearly indicate the

three issues from class material in the paper by underlining the concepts within the


Students will turn in a reference page with their sources when submitting their paper.

Each student will submit their paper through Course Shell for this class in