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Topic: Aggressive behavior alcoholism (physiological features of the relationship) 5 year old articles

  5 year old articles

The purpose of this assignment is for the student to use peer-reviewed scholarly journals as a source of professional information. You are to review (7) professional peer-reviewed research articles from online databases that explain, expand upon, debate, or explore your area of interest. Journals must be dated within the past five years (2014-2019) and each article must be from different journals.

Describe how the articles provide an understanding of the topic be aware to properly paraphrase or quote your sources with APA format; DO NOT PLAGERIZE. This is not a summary of articles; you are to integrate the articles into your overall topic.

Minimize or entirely avoid using internet sources; More than 20% of internet sources will reduce your grade.

The resource for the proper APA Format is the APA Manual 6th edition

Using the manuscript format from APA publication Manual 6th edition, the criteria for the assignment are: 

1. Minimum of four (4) Pages of text, not including title, abstract, or reference pages

2. Title page

3. Abstract Page

4. Introduction section

5. Discussion section (optional) what do you like about, what did you learn

6. Reference page(s)

7. Double-spaced with appropriate headers, margins, and indents.

8. All citations are referenced and all references are cited

9. Proper grammar and syntax

Carefully review the description of each section in the APA manual and each respective sample; study the distinctive between the introduction and discussion sections. Pay attention to the format of the leader, section heading, and references. Website for APA are not recommended; use the printed copy of the APA manual for accuracy.

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